A new show for art museums and theater spaces alike, Ink is an art lecture, live personal essay, and electronic music concert all in one. With stunning visuals by media designer Shawn Duan, James & Jerome perform a lush live score as they lovingly analyze works from around the world, exploding the traditional art lecture into a unique theatrical experience—one that's at once playful, intellectual, and spiritual. Together they guide us through a meditation on calligraphy and illuminated manuscripts, on music and silence, and on Jerome's intimate relationship to the spoken and written word.

On January 5-6, 2019, Ink will be presented in the first-ever collaboration between The Public Theater’s Under the Radar Festival and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Tickets and more information here.

Written, composed, and performed by James & Jerome in collaboration with Media Designer Shawn Duan. Directed by Rachel Chavkin and Annie Tippe. Associate Media Designer: Caroline Trewet. Lighting Designer: Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew. Stage Manager: Bob Brownell. Developed through BRIC Arts Media's BRIClab and The Ground Floor at Berkeley Rep.

All photos by Marcus Middleton.

Ink also has a sister piece, called Tour—a guided tour of art museum galleries, curated for individual collections, with a live score.