Excerpt from the Tale of the Young Man from Mosul, from PIANO TALES. Video by Theo Cote.

An excerpt from AARON/MARIE. Catch 64 November 1, 2014 at The Invisible Dog.

A short clip from Chapter 2, "Sabi," from AARON/MARIE.

Chapter 2 of AARON/MARIE. At Ars Nova Ant Fest 2013.

A five minute section of AARON/MARIE. Presented by The Public Theater's Under The Radar Festival, as part of their Incoming! portion of the festival, in January 2015. At La Mama. Video by Sharkey Weinberg.

An excerpt from MUSEUM. This is from the section of the show called TOUR, in which we literally take the audience on a walking tour of different existing pieces of art (printed on canvas, not projected), heavily scoring the tour with electronic and acoustic instruments. Video by Stivo Arnozcy.

A trailer for MUSEUM.

A tale improvised live at La MaMa as part of a performance of PIANO TALES. La MaMa, November 19, 2016. Video by Theo Cote.